Maple Beech Co - Subscription Terms and Conditions

Fees and Payments:

You will be charged monthly, fortnightly, weekly (what type of plan you select) for the products you select to be on a subscription with. After the first payment has been made we will send you out the product/s and proceed to do so for each recurring payment.


To cancel your subscription you must do so at least 24hr prior to the date of your next recurring payment. Once cancelled you will not receive a product for that subscription unless cancelled after a payment was made, if so that will be the last product you will receive.

you can choose to set up a subscription again with the same products or different ones if you like.

Terms and Conditions:

Please read and understand what our standard terms and conditions are you can find a link to them here.


Please read and understand our shipping and returns policy here.

Privacy policy:

Please read and understand our privacy policy here.